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LED has changed the world of lighting like no other light source before. Lower energy consumption, lower emissions and longer life time make LED the right choice for the future. We have LED Lights & Lighting, LED Home Lighting and LED Outdoor Lighting using latest LED technology for wholesale and retailers

LED Light & LED Lighting | LED Home Lighting | LED Outdoor Lighting - LED has changed the world of lighting like no other light source before. Lower energy consumption, lower emissions and longer life time make LED the right choice for the future. We have LED Lights & Lighting, LED Home Lighting and LED Outdoor Lighting using latest LED technology for wholesale and retailers

Spring time is LED Lighting Exhibition time

Did you notice? The temperatures are getting warmer, the days are getting longer – spring is coming!

And with spring coming also another thing is happening – it is lighting exhibition time again.

Not sure why, but every year with spring coming it is time for the important events of the lighting industry.  Trade shows and exhibitions all over the world. Today I want to draw your attention to some of the most influencial lighting exhibitions happening in the coming months.

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Light for millions – the Solar Bottle Bulb

The men stand on the rusty roof of sheet metal hut in the slums of Manila.

In their hands a hammer and chisel – making a whole into the roof.

The owners look a little skeptical – will it work? Long have they been waiting for this moment… for the hole in the ceiling … and the glowing bottle, which moves slowly through the opening.


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More LED Lighting on the Web

Our mission is to provide you with knowledge about LED, LED lights and LED lighting. Therefore we have started a collection of useful links to sites that provide knowledge and insights.


Since 1906 the name OSRAM stands for Lights and Lighting. Osram Opto Semiconductors, the LED division of OSRAM has created a Website on which you find a lot of information and knowledge about LED, LED lighting and LED technology. http://ledlight.osram-os.com


The network for LED lighting technology is a site powered by Osram. This site provides links and contact information about manufacturers for the individual parts of LED lighting and luminaires.  You can also find some application examples and technical information. http://www.ledlightforyou.com


CREE is one of the pioneer companies for Light emitting diodes technology. Known for being at the forefront of LED technology CREE ws in the news 2010 for introducing an LED with a record-setting light output of 208lm/W. This was nearly 14 times more light than incandescent lamps. http://www.creeledlighting.com


Lighting the LED revolution – a place for innovators, pioneers and dreamers. Creative lighting is all about ideas and this site is a place where these ideas are shared. Examples of interior lighting, outdoor lighting and much more. http://www.creeledrevolution.com


Philips Lumileds Lighting Company is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of high-power LEDs. This sub division of PHILIPS began as the optoelectronics division in Hewlett-Packard (HP) almost 40 years ago. The site provides mainly knowledge and LED technology and LED components for a better understanding of LED lighting. http://www.philipslumileds.com


Color Kinetics shows LED lights in action. See some amazing showcases of creative ambient lighting with LED. Home lighting, outdoor lighting, Museum and exhibits, high end residential and much more. See the fascinating world of LED lighting. http://www.colorkinetics.com/showcase



LEDs Magazine – LED lighting experienced strong growth surge in 2011

LED Lighting market turnover analysis 2011-2016

LED Components market; Source:Strategies Unlimited & LEDs Magazine

Today published in the LED’s Magazine – an interesting article about the LED market and LED lighting market development in particular for the year 2011 with an outlook in the future.

The data have been presented during several forums at the Strategies in Light symposium, which opened today in Santa Clara, CA.



Several speakers of the market research firm Strategies Unlimited presented their data about the LED market and the LED lighting market.

The following article was presented by Vrinda Bhandarkar, Director of Research for LED Lighting from Strategies Unlimited.


A reported 69% growth in the total sales of LED luminaires and LED lamps and further expected growth for LED lighting products and components for LED lighting.

Read the full article here…

LEDs Magazine – LED lighting experienced strong growth surge in 2011.


A clear signal from the markets and customer….


Getting Blogging started isn’t that easy…

I have been spending countless hours trying to figure out how things work in the world of blogging, blog platforms, plug ins, databases and many other words that sound strange to “newbies” like I am. My friends have been asking me – why do you do all this? whats the value of spending night after night on a Website or blog?

Here is my story

Lets start at the beginning.
Nowadays no business can be successfully grow without finding new opportunities to find new customers. A great way are the so called social networks like facebook, twitter, blogging just to name a few.
But how can they help? How to utilize them?

Using social networks to boost your business

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SALTO International’s brand new Blogging platform goes live!

Welcome to the brand new blog platform of SALTO International.

After hours of tweaking, tons of coffee we finally get it up and running. Here you will find interesting news about our company and our products.

We will blog about the latest in ladies shoe or sandals fashion from Italy, news about women shoes or sandals or we tell you more details about our top selling promotional gift items – the sticky pad we call MagiPad.
These sticky pads are actually really cool products and not only to be used as dashboard pad in your car.

But there will be more- if we find interesting news about the industry of course we will post them here too.

Having said all this – a blog is only good when it is alive and people are participating. Therefore we invite you all to contribute to our blog with comments, posts or share post amongst your friends.

Don’t be shy – add your post to our Blog now !

We at SALTO International are really looking forward to seeing many many new posts and comments from you on our platform!

SEO of Salto International’s Website

It took quite a while to figure out what the best way of a gentle “redesign” of our website should be. The feedback we received stated that was SALTO Internationals Website was cluttered and confusing.

Spent a lot of time on keyword research – a quite tedious job considering that some of the keywords for shoes or women shoes have more 65,000,000 hits as competition on google. So we took at different approach; looking for keywords that have more than 20,000 global searches but still as less as possible real competition.
We have used the Google Adwords tool to find these words.

In a second step after some more ranking and checking we have then grouped the products into 7 Main Categories:

All other ladies Fashion products, High Class promotional items and Learning Toys have been moved into the Specials section. They are still available but they are not the main focus any more. Still important but not number 1 priority.

All these activities should help our customer for easier more target orientated navigation on our Website. We know how value able your time is, so we do not want to waste your time browsing through window by window to find your perfect model for your Shoes wholesale or shop.

The work continues as we are always looking for the latest in Ladies Shoes fashion. That’s why we started our journey to attend the fashion week in Milan, Italy – The Shoe Event in the city of fashion. There we will check out the latest Fashion in women shoes for the next seasons which you will see first on SALTO Internationals Website, so be sure you check our site regular for the latest.

Preparing Salto International for 2011

When the Webiste of Salto International did go live in May 2010 it was quite a truly international event. The basic design idea came from Austria during Christmas break, additional input from China, the first design drafts came then from UK, the final design and programming was done in India. All these activities controlled and managed via email, skype and other “modern day IT gadgets”.
The result is what you can see at the moment. We tried all kind of different things to improve the website page ranking, some worked and some didn’t.We have added links and icons linking to blog sites and have set up the Salto Facebook page.

Over the past month we have collected a lot of feedback from customers and other visitors. All this feedback confirmed what we were already suspected. The page looks nice but it is also a little confusing. People are asking “what do you actually sell?” or “Are you a webshop?”. A lot of nice pictures on the front page but very little room for information for our customers – on one hand its looks like a catalog (which actually is not) and on the other hand it shows many many products.

So we decided to give the site a general “re-vamp”. The looks and the design will be the same but it have more information for the visitors, a news section with integrated blogging function and more.

We also use this blog to ask for your opinion. How can we do better? what would you change on the current site?


Salto International is a supplier for whole sale and shops and it specialized on all kind of shoes for women. This includes high heels, pumps, flats, women’s sandals, peep toes and many more styles and designs.
The customer can either select from our existing product line or submit their own designs for a factory quotation.
We offer different price and quality ranges, so each and every customer can find the right shoe for their business.
The styles are inspired from the latest Italian fashon shows in Milano and other italian fashion metropoles. We are regular visitors of fashion shows like MICAM in Milano Italy, GDS fair in Duesseldorf Germany or for example the Expo Riva Shoe

Please send us your feedback – how can we get better!

Linking tumblr to facebook page & other IT tricks

Nowadays everybody is talking about social networking, viral marketing, page linking stuff. Well I thought ok – if everybody can do this so easy, then for sure it’s no problem for me.
I thought – now struggling around since hours to get this blog automatically linked and updated on our Salto International’s Facebook page. Its said and described as soo easy but so far nothing happens. *grrr**

One doesn’t need to be a marketing expert or advertising guru to understand that you can have the best products and services in the world but if nobody can find you – you won’t make a dime. So – lets roll up the sleeves and get things public.

Lets show the world what SALTO International actually can offer. On first sight it may look like another sourcing/buying agent for women’s fashion shoes and sandals. But unlike many others we combine the best of two worlds. European background and regular access to the top shoe fashion shows in Italy to ensure our styles are the latest in fashion. And on the other hand extensive contacts to shoe manufacturer to ensure you get the best conditions and quality.

But that is not all – unlike other companies where you can only buy what they have, we offer our customer also the option of their own designs made by our manufacturer. Where else can you find that?

Salto International’s dedication to the beautiful things in life does not end with shoes only – no it extends also to clothing and knitwear. And in the near future also hand bags. Everything todays fashion women needs.

We are not an online shop, where you can buy super cheap single pairs of your favorites shoes – our strength is to supply wholesalers and dealers with larger quantities. This is where you can really benefit from our expertise.

Check our Website for the first inspiration and if you want to have a sneak peek for new products before the others can see them, then you should sign up on our Facebook page.

Coming back to the original topic and the auto update – lets give it another try and see if it works now. One thing is quite clear – it take some more time to get this perfect. It will eventually.